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    ACTIVITIES | KAÇKARLAR Fiyat sorunuz - Bir Kişi
    KAÇKARLAR / 5 Summit
    Nature Leader: Murat Ali Koç
    Activity responsible: Selim TEKELEK
    Date: 21-31 JULY 2021
    Quota: 16
    Region / Route: Rize
    Activity Information:
    The activity program is 11 days. Anyone can join the first 7-day episode.
    Our activity;
    ⛰️ DAY 1: Meeting at Trabzon airport on 21 July, departure and camp establishment in Avasor plateau.
    ⛰️ DAY 2: July 22, Kemerli Kaçkar summit.
    ⛰️ DAY 3: 23 July Free day
    ⛰️ DAY 4: July 24, Altıparmak Summit, gathering the camp and moving to the hotel.
    ⛰️ Day 5: 25 July Departure from the hotel to the Kavrun plateau, from there a 3-hour hike and camp set up to the mezovit camp site.
    ⛰️ Day 6: July 26, Kaçkar and Mezovit return to the camp after the summit.
    ⛰️ 7.DAY: 27 July Camp gathering and departure to the hotel. Hotel accommodation.
    ⛰️ Day 8: Departure to Trabzon airport for those who will return to Istanbul on July 28.
    Move to Verçenik Plateau for those who will continue. Camping on lakes with a 2-hour walk.
    ⛰️ 9th DAY: July 29, Verçenik Güney - Return to camp after North trance. Our athletes who will not make the Verçenik summit will enjoy camping in one of the most beautiful camping areas in the world.
    ⛰️ 10th DAY: 30 July Lış Mountain (3480M) after the summit, return to camp.
    ⛰️ DAY 11: 31 July Departure from Kapılı Lakes Camp to Trabzon airport for returning to Istanbul.
    Note :
    * Verçenik Mountain quota is 10 people.
    * The priority will be the athletes participating in the Kaçkar activity.
    * In addition to the terms of participation for Verçenik; Sport climbing you must be able to do at least 5+ leader climbing.
    Conditions of Participation:
    ✅Asia mountaineering club membership
    ✅2021 Club fee
    Mountaineering License (Current)
    Basic mountaineering education
    KurulTechnical board approval
    Technical equipment required:
    Transportation: Airplane and mountain round-trip transfer vehicle
    Hotel fee,
    Transfer vehicle,
    The activity price will be determined by making the plans for the club. Price information will be shared after the activity is organized.
    Flight tickets, meals, camping expenses, camping equipment will be purchased personally.
    * For detailed information about the activity, you can contact the activity manager.
    * Your members will have priority in club activity. If there is a quota at the end of the given period, other club members or individual athletes who have completed their training will be included.
    ❗Asia mountaineering and extreme sports club; It has the right to change the date, route and difficulty level. ❗
    Information / Communication / Registration:
    WhatshApp 05427270634